ADD Opinions and Conjecture

I've formed a few opinions and conjectures about ADD.  NOTHING you see here constitutes facts or even opinions of anyone with authority.  I am not a doctor, I have no formal training in medicine, psychology, or psychiatry.  On the other hand, from what I have seen of the medical, psychology and psychiatry industries, much of what they do is guessing anyway, but they went to school in something related to what they are currently guessing about, therefor, they are the experts 8-)

Anyway, these are just my opinions, and they in no way substitute for official medical advice, or (more importantly) your common sense.  They are also in fairly rough-draft form.  Just wanted to get it out, I'll clean them up later (yeah, right)

The Name -- I don't like it.
ADD in Women
Ritalin - not done yet
Methylphenidate vs. Ritalin - This one is important for anyone using Ritalin!
Tourette's and ADD

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