Eats Disks

A customer brought an Apple II disk drive box, and the write-up person listed the complaint as "Eats Disks".  I didn't like it when the write-up people wrote such an imprecise description of a problem, but in this case, the tech opened up the drive to take a look.

It wasn't just disks the drive was eating.

We found chewing gum, french fries, potato chips, jelly beans, almost all forms of junk food.

Amazingly, when we cleaned out the drive, it came back to life.

"We have found the problem with your disk drive.  Do you have young kids?"
"Yes, I do, why?"
We explained...

A month or so later, the same customer came back with the same drive, and get this: He was upset that the drive was malfunctioning again.  We emptied out another batch of candy, tested the drive, and sent him on his way again, this time with a suggestion that he have a talk with his kids..or keep them away from the computer.

Copyright 2000, Nick Holland
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