I'm starting to feel a little bad about having named this section "War Stories". A friend of mine is in a real war zone. Best of wishes to all the people trying to make the world a better place. My thanks to you.

War Stories

I've been doing computer support professionally since November, 1982, over 20 years now.  And, oh, have I got stories...

Most of these stories involve people who are basicly innocent, and more intelegent than one might guess if this story was the only judge of their intelect, so I have changed/obscured the names and events when possible.  However, these stories happened AS I HAVE DESCRIBED THEM to the best of my recollection, and unless otherwise mentioned, to me.

Broken Floppy Drive

Eats Disks

Jumpy Monitor

Power Failure

Ripping Off a Priest

Wayne State University

The Backup Van

Male and Female

Airport Security

How NOT to do serial interfacing (12/10/2002)

Some of the more interesting thefts from the store (12/10/2002)

The Lady and the Amp (6/1/2003)


Birthdays at Heathkit

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