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Here is a collection of silly things I have collected over the years. I have much more than is currently on this page, it will get here eventually...

(New) Here's one I discovered recently, when I received my OpenBSD 2.6 CD-ROMs.  First, I opened the CD case, and saw what was probably the most creative use of the CD design I had seen to that point.  I should probably explain that the Blowfish is the security mascot of the OpenBSD project.  Then, I flipped the two-CD carrier over, and saw Disk 2's graphics...  I will *NOT* explain this. 8-)

PHONEANS.TXT -- A GREAT way to answer your phone.  Recommended only for those with Caller ID!  I've actually managed to get people to laugh, then hang up on me, not realizing that it wasn't a recording.  Or at least one person, twice.

GIRLFRND.TXT -- A humorous look at software and relationships.

PENTIUM.TXT -- Remember the infamous Pentium Bug? The lighter side...

Ask Dr. Computer Science, Michigan Tech, and the Detroit Free Press

The following deserve a little explanation. A group of friends of mine were sitting in a bar in Houghton, Michigan, where we all went to school (Michigan Technological University) in late 1988. The idea of a parody of the Public Radio International show "Ask Dr. Science" came up, and being we were all involved with computers in one way or another, we started coming up with ideas for stupid computer questions for our "Ask Dr. Computer Science". Steve King, a person of far greater creativity than I shall ever possess, jotted down our silly questions and wrote the following:
ASK-DRCS.TXT -- The Original Ask Dr. Computer Science article.
Now, unknown to us, sitting a few tables over, was a writer from the Detroit Free Press doing an article on life at Michigan Tech. This is the article he wrote, I think there are parts which are very, very entertaining when compared to the ASK-DRCS article above. In case you don't catch it, he wrote down some of our Ask Dr. Computer Science questions as serious, day-to-day Tech talk!
SNOWHOW.TXT -- An article by Neal Rubin of the Detroit Free Press

TWINKIE.TXT -- Grad student research on Twinkie Physics.

OPCODES.TXT -- A rather large list of humorous opcodes, begging a few Microsoft jokes.

GATESHM.TXT -- A dialog between Bill Gates and the builder of his new home

Much, much more yet to come from the Holland Humor Archives!!!!  (But, don't wait up...)